Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My 30 Random Facts! :)

So I got tagged on facebook to do this so I thought I would share it with you guys :)

1. I hate when people call me Abigail .. yea yea I know thats my name blah blah blah but I feel like Im doing something bad! Soooo just call me Abby :)
2. I am the pickiest eater you will ever meet, I feel bad for the lucky waiter who gets me when I go to restaurants .. which is waay too often lol. 
3. My favorite food is Little Caesars Pizza :) I could honestly eat that all day everyday haa. 
4. I love coca-cola :) its my favorite drink ever! So if you ever see me in a bad mood just give me a coke and I'll be good real quick lol. 
5. I love social networking sites!! You can find me on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, Formspring, and most recently Blogspot! Thanks to all my subbies! :)
6. I have an ETSY shop as a side project :) http://www.etsy.com/shop/abbybaby209
7. I never get fake nails, and I rarely paint my nails lol .. only pedicures cuz thats a must!
8. My weaknesses are blush and heels! I have tons of blush and different pair of shoes for every day of the month .. maybe even two pairs haha :)
9. I sing in the car while Im driving even tho other drivers look at my like Im a freaking maniac lol
10. As much of a makeup freak that I am I never bought any MAC .. if Im going to spend big money I rather buy Nars or Bobbi Brown lol.
11. I love my family! They are kinda crazy and loud at times but in the end I love them :)
12. I don't believe in saving money. I spend it because I earned it. 
13. I've never dyed my hair .. even tho I've came close sooo many times lol maybe next time ;).
14. I am the biggest procrastinator on the face of this earth! As we speak I have three career paper due tomorrow and yet Im here doing this lol. 
15. I like eating hot cheetos with ice cream :) Lol.
16. I am comfortable with the person that I am, inside and out.  
17. I communicate with facial expressions most of the time and only a selected few can understand it all lol. 
18. Even tho I drive like a crazy woman and most people complain the second they get in the car (except my sister nana cuz shes used to it lol) I love driving most of the time because speeding relaxes me haha :).
19. Im too nice. Lol the worst part is that I know when Im being too nice but still can't help myself lol.
20. I hate when people assume my life is perfect. Just because I try to stay in a good mood all the time doesn't meant I don't have shit going on lol.
21. I smoke weed. 
22. I have very few close friends, so I am thankful for them. 
23. I hate getting phone calls when Im sleeping, I wont say anything cuz Im not rude but I honestly hate that shit!
24. I have a little tiny obsession for anything pink or Hello Kitty hahaha.
25. I cry in movies .. heck forget movies I cry in commercials! Lol idk why but I do.
26. I loooveeee Starbucks! 
27. My favorite place in the whole world is my comfy ass bed :)
28. I wish I could go back to Madrid. Its funny because a year later I still think "hmm what would I be doing right now" .. walking, drinking a coke, more walking, and drinking a cold ass beer haha :)
29. I love reading lol .. I know right Im a nerd. 
30. I love myself. Lol sounds conceited but its true. I mean I work hard, I study hard, Im a good person, good friend, and I love that I can say that about myself :)

Just thought I would share that with you guys so you would know a little  bit more about me :) Anywhooooo I also wanted to show you guys my going out outfit .. I should have made an outfit of the day video for this plus I kinda forgot!

I went out dancing with a couple of friends of mine and had such a blast! Who says curvy chics cant go out and flaunt what we got!

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  1. I'm glad you decided to make a blog! I follow you on Youtube lol. And I like your #12 random fact.