Friday, June 29, 2012

Making Improvements Inside And Out

Summer time is diet time! In reality this is my very first diet/workout plan. My plan you ask? I have none lol. I think this is true for most people. that everyone comes to a point in which they say "Okay I need to something about my weight". I am not proud to say that my reason is plain and simple. Vanity. 

The reason I say it was because of vanity is because my main goal was just buy new clothes. It sounds horrible but its pretty much true. I was at work one day and the the cutest top ever but when I tried it on it just didn't look right. I could get all defensive and say that it was because the tops was a jrs top but that is just an excuse. The problem was not the top, it was me!

Right now my logic is pretty simple. Get more active and eat less junk food ( I say that as I enjoy a Starbucks Passion Iced Tea with a Sausage Sandwich lol ).  The reason I have decided to blog about it is for the motivation. When I read other blog post about people who are tying to loose weight I feel compelled to write something to keep pushing them on. My goal is to summarize my weeks success and failures. I will try to include pictures and videos for you guys :)

I wrote this ^^ Tuesday after I did some stairs at Communication Hill here in San jose. My goal is to loose two pounds a week so wish me luck my lovelies!

The base of Communication Hill .. 

Week 1 - 192.6

I also bought a bunch of work out clothes since one of my excuses was that I had no clothes to workout in .. interested in a haul?? 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Retail Therapy: How "therapeutic" Is It?

I will be the first to admit that I use "retail therapy" as an easy fix to a lot of things. If I am having a bad day, a little shoppings picks my mood up real quick. If I am having a great day well shopping is like the icing on the cake lol. There is just something about getting that shopping bag with those super cute goodies inside that gives me such a rush!
But in reality you know you have a shopping problem when you leave your shopping bags in the car so that you dont get yelled at for shopping again lol. I am very sad to admit that I have a serious shopping problem!
Ever since I was young shopping for me has aways been a total pick me up. I remember growing up going shopping with my mom was what I always looked forward to. It was the only time we spent together since she was always working, and that made it extra special. In high school I started paying for my own clothes and makeup, which made it more special.
Now at 20 I am beginning to realize how much of a problem it really is. When I moved I only brought like 5 shirts and a pair of jeans, now my closet is full. I honestly feel like I have to go shopping, and that is one horrible feeling! I keep all my my receipts in a box and I am honestly scared to see how much I have spent since moving. The only good thing is that I learned how to use coupons lol
The worst part of the shopping is all the excuses. I make up excuses for myself! How ridiculous is that! I have to excuse my shopping to myself lol. At my age I should not have more than one credit card with a ridiculously high credit limit! Not to mention I work at Macys and get 20% employee discount! So shopping is inevitable.
With all that being said I decided I really need to start saving money. But being that the whole saving money is a totally new concept I don't even know where to start! Its ridiculous! So my first step is putting 10% of my paycheck in a savings account, something I have never done. I am also budgeting my monthly income, which is also something completely new to me! The next step is to cut back on my spending/shopping, which is really the hardest part. My new plan starts this month, so which me luck! I need it! Let me know how many of you have the same problem :)

XOXO - Abby 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My 30 Random Facts! :)

So I got tagged on facebook to do this so I thought I would share it with you guys :)

1. I hate when people call me Abigail .. yea yea I know thats my name blah blah blah but I feel like Im doing something bad! Soooo just call me Abby :)
2. I am the pickiest eater you will ever meet, I feel bad for the lucky waiter who gets me when I go to restaurants .. which is waay too often lol. 
3. My favorite food is Little Caesars Pizza :) I could honestly eat that all day everyday haa. 
4. I love coca-cola :) its my favorite drink ever! So if you ever see me in a bad mood just give me a coke and I'll be good real quick lol. 
5. I love social networking sites!! You can find me on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, Formspring, and most recently Blogspot! Thanks to all my subbies! :)
6. I have an ETSY shop as a side project :) http://www.etsy.com/shop/abbybaby209
7. I never get fake nails, and I rarely paint my nails lol .. only pedicures cuz thats a must!
8. My weaknesses are blush and heels! I have tons of blush and different pair of shoes for every day of the month .. maybe even two pairs haha :)
9. I sing in the car while Im driving even tho other drivers look at my like Im a freaking maniac lol
10. As much of a makeup freak that I am I never bought any MAC .. if Im going to spend big money I rather buy Nars or Bobbi Brown lol.
11. I love my family! They are kinda crazy and loud at times but in the end I love them :)
12. I don't believe in saving money. I spend it because I earned it. 
13. I've never dyed my hair .. even tho I've came close sooo many times lol maybe next time ;).
14. I am the biggest procrastinator on the face of this earth! As we speak I have three career paper due tomorrow and yet Im here doing this lol. 
15. I like eating hot cheetos with ice cream :) Lol.
16. I am comfortable with the person that I am, inside and out.  
17. I communicate with facial expressions most of the time and only a selected few can understand it all lol. 
18. Even tho I drive like a crazy woman and most people complain the second they get in the car (except my sister nana cuz shes used to it lol) I love driving most of the time because speeding relaxes me haha :).
19. Im too nice. Lol the worst part is that I know when Im being too nice but still can't help myself lol.
20. I hate when people assume my life is perfect. Just because I try to stay in a good mood all the time doesn't meant I don't have shit going on lol.
21. I smoke weed. 
22. I have very few close friends, so I am thankful for them. 
23. I hate getting phone calls when Im sleeping, I wont say anything cuz Im not rude but I honestly hate that shit!
24. I have a little tiny obsession for anything pink or Hello Kitty hahaha.
25. I cry in movies .. heck forget movies I cry in commercials! Lol idk why but I do.
26. I loooveeee Starbucks! 
27. My favorite place in the whole world is my comfy ass bed :)
28. I wish I could go back to Madrid. Its funny because a year later I still think "hmm what would I be doing right now" .. walking, drinking a coke, more walking, and drinking a cold ass beer haha :)
29. I love reading lol .. I know right Im a nerd. 
30. I love myself. Lol sounds conceited but its true. I mean I work hard, I study hard, Im a good person, good friend, and I love that I can say that about myself :)

Just thought I would share that with you guys so you would know a little  bit more about me :) Anywhooooo I also wanted to show you guys my going out outfit .. I should have made an outfit of the day video for this plus I kinda forgot!

I went out dancing with a couple of friends of mine and had such a blast! Who says curvy chics cant go out and flaunt what we got!